NOOR – Enlighten your Life

With an ongoing vision of the future Egyptian market needs, NOOR provides a revolutionary approach to internet services and solutions that include a full range of networking, internet-hosting and cloud computing services.


NOOR combines world-class technologies, experiences, highly trained resources and, most importantly, the ability to truly understand and respect the exact needs of our clients and consumers. These principles; technology, experience, and respect, are the foundation upon which NOOR was built.


Our evolving perspective, widespread availability, unparalleled services, support and suiting customer preferences have enabled us to always be one step ahead of our competitors and gain our customers’ undoubted trust.


Our dedicated services have earned positive testimonials from some of the Middle East’s biggest corporations and brands that attest NOOR’s attention to the smallest details which contributes to our favored stand in the market. With tangible success to tell our story, NOOR’s devotion and consistency can be shown more than spoken of.


The concept for the company is to deliver a comprehensive one-stop shopping resource – NOOR –based upon the best data communications and technology, combined with services and support that are as sophisticated as technology is powerful. This bold concept is based upon carefully derived business technology, and socio-economic premises. The word “NOOR” is Arabic for “light” and “enlightenment.” As a metaphor, enlightenment is fitting for what the company will offer to Egyptian and Arab businesses, consumers, and institutions.


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